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this is a counselling session with an HIV patient.

She came to me as a counsellor crying,I have a problem I will love to discuss with you;she kept silent and refuses to say a word, giving her some minute space to allow her free herself through crying and a handkerchief to wipe her tears;after like 5 minutes I said”I see you are really emmotionally down,but for you to decide to talk to me means that you are strong and can make positive result out of this emmotional state of yours,she shouted” I don’t think I can be forgiven!my husband will hate me forever!I am at fault!…
What if there is a way out? I can only help you to understand they way out of this difficult situation that requires your husband’s forgiveness if only you can be more strong emmotionally to explain to me what really happened,I said.
She exhaled”I cheated on my husband and now I am 2weeks pregnant,but the most serious thing in it, is that I am HIV positive and my husband is not aware of it and I don’t want him to know about it;I have been denying him of sex of recent with different excuses which I know soon he may react, please sir,she pleaded.
Ok,I said,but have you gone for test ,to confirm that you have realy contacted the virus,yes she said.
I will assist you,but I will like you to tell me about the man that you had sex with,she did;I hope they man is aware that you are pregnant for him? she said yes!
Ok,I will refer you to a hospital for another test to know truely If you are HIV positive and to know if the baby has contacted the virus,but this time it will be the one I recommend and I will also want you to meet with your pastor for a forgiveness intercessory prayer, after which we will take another procedure which I will tell you after achieving the task I just gave you;she agreed.
After the test,her result was positive but the child result was negative.that means she can deliver the child without the virus.(Goodnews),
After that She went to see her pastor and was prayed for after she had confess to God;I spoke with the pastor ,she came back to me,I now told him that she has done very well ,that the next thing she will do is to invite the husband over,she said No!
I said calm down,I educated her more on the implications of not telling the husband and Also told her the negative and positive outcome of meeting with the husband, which is that the husband will pursue her, though may forgive her if he discover that he is not infected at least it was because of her care that made her not to allow her husband sex her that might make him contact the virus;
I also let her to know that, she will meet with her ex boyfriend that got her pregnant and live with him since two of them are HIV positive, at least she have saved the husband and she is forgiven, though not all that easy.
After two days ,they husband came,I gave they husband a pre counselling that suit what she is going to hear from her wife,I arranged a multiple counselling session with them.i told the woman to tell us her story in her husband’s present,she started with tears, when the husband heard the dirty aspect of the story she stood up sad and warn her not to come back to the house forever and that if he discovers that he is infected”hmm! He said,and left.
The two went to there separate ways,the woman is now living with her ex and they husband remarried.

Counselling profession is an important profession.
Everyone need counselling,do not allow yourself to be drown by problems, depression or any mental difficulties in making decisions.
Speak to a counsellor today.

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