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1 thought on “Anonymous”

  1. *You can’t know your ability and strength until you are able to stand alone during trials.*

    *Life has not been easy,but it can be when you have goals and the spirit of action.*

    *Only the wise see competition as a means of learning and not to make enermy.*

    *Don’t go about gossiping about people that believe in you, people that you can learn from.*

    Ideas outlive men.

    *No matter the situation you found yourself,there is always a solution,is either you solve it or allow nature to do the solving for you.*

    *Every problem is like a mathematics question,you must know the formula and how to apply it before you can be able to solve it.*

    *You have not arrived yet because there is tomorrow,so be humble.*

    *Where you are today others will be tomorrow and where you want to be tomorrow ,some persons are there today,be humble and learn.*

    *They people you see today are keys that God can use to open your door of success tomorrow so be mindful of your attitude towards them.*

    *I believe in a world where we need one another to grow,let love lead.*

    *You can change your future to a better one by making a positive and right decision today*.

    *No matter the mistake you have done before,you can make it right today*.

    *Lastly,never give up for what is written is written only the wise and spiritual will understand the handwriting on the wall because it is above human knowledge.

    Okafor johnsteve.u.

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