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Write what’s on your mind here…ive been seeing this guy for a year now, and we’ve been intimate for quite some time but he’s not asked me out yet. what do I do?

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  1. Good day. I appreciate the courageous step you have taken by not been silent about your emotions.
    First thing you need to know is that breaking up is not a sign that you cannot have a strong relationship but it is a sign to show that you need adjustment or the person is not meant for you.
    Secondly, you should not allow the feeling of guilt to outright your judgement, the depression feeling you are having maybe as a result of you thinking that you are not good enough for anyone. So tell yourself that you are good and you are going to try to overcome the reason for the breakup.
    For more counsel I would need to have a better analysis of what cause the break up. Thanks

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