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I am down…anytime I try to get close to my mum she keeps pushing me parents are divorced and my dad is late,my mum remarried before he died and she has three kids for my step dad

My dad’s family are complaining that my mum wants to spoil my life and always saying harsh words but still I try to defends but I know we are not even that close

I just finished crying and came online to chat for a while and I stumbled on this on instagram

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  1. Most times life don’t give use what we really want.but one thing you should know for sure is thathat she is still your mum so do what it takes to be close with her.she is family

  2. Not everyone is close to their parents sha. I believe things will turn around for the better. It’s just a matter of time. In the mean time you can distract yourself with a new hobby. Are you in school or you have a career? Focus on those and dont let these thoughts eat you. Everything will always be alright

  3. I really don’t know how old you are… Defending ur mum is a nice idea,, we really dont know what’s she’s passing through secretly /emotionally… You just hv to struggle with her,, there’s is provision for only one MOTHER in this life we are. If you are that bold and matured,,, i will suggest you create a dialogue session with you, where u might be able to hear her pains or grief and such conversation shud be done when she’s in a light or happy mood.. Or rather if possible you convince her to follow you to a counsellor

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