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Am in a relationship and my boyfriend treats me well, he is very caring but since I made the decision to stop sex he has been very cold and abusive especially when he wants it, am scared he’s dating me for sex, I tried breaking up with him but he begged and said he loves me even without the sex but he still wants the sex what should I do?

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  1. I don’t think he is dating you for just dat sex has being involved in the relationship and it’s amongs some of the things that he feels holds the relationship.if you don’t want to have sex with him again.please find a new relationship where the first rule will be noSEX

  2. sex is never his reasons ,you can miminize the rate of sex or make him marry you of he is read or you find a new love that the rule of no sex will work.

  3. Naturally the girls parents would want to take the child,but if your fear is not to loose the child Child,you will not, because the child will definitely seek for the father in the future.but to bring everything in a good agreement with the girls parents I think you should talk with a counsellor, because right now ,you are not capable of taking care of both you and your wife,and taking your son with you is also a responsibility,so the approach to it is,talk with your girlfriend and go to the father after you must have talked with a counsellor,then admit you will support and hear what they have to say, just let them know how you feel,but if they are unable to make you happy with their response,Go for child welfare ,they will help you by law.

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