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Hi! I’m 23,a student from a single parent and I run a small business . I impregnated a lady but cos I never can abort, I accepted and now have a son. The problem now is, I’m a student, she’s also a student but her family (dad precisely) has been a pain to me… My son is just 4months now… Mistake is done already just way out is needed… I can’t fend for myself not to talk of her as at now and there’s this pestering about her returning to school. Presently ive taken a break from school . I plan to send her to her parent and express to them the present state but don’t know how to go about it or just way out without losing the child.. Please help out with whatever could be done

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  1. Goodday.after reading your story.i think you should talk to a counselor.i think that will help a great deal.tou can find one on this page.just check on the menu button.wish you the best

  2. I understand you and I feel your pain. I think you should go into more businesses so everything can go well for you. I think you are a man and you should act like one. You cant give more than you have so make them understand that. In as much as it is your responsibility, its also theres also.

  3. I dont think you will lose the child. The most important thing here is the welfare of the child and your education, you and your girlfriend.

    So the best thing will be to face her dad. Accept any scolding or consequence, but dont be afraid that you will lose the child. You are still the father till eternity

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