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Am 27 years old, i ended my 5 years relationship recently cuz there so many things wrong with it,the guy feel so insecure and loves sex too much and many other things. But my main problem now is, since i left him guys have been coming my way but the fear of who to choose is among it, i feel so tired to pray about, they all want to have sex before marriage and i feel so tired about it.

Currently i have 4 guys, there is one i love so much but his attention towards me is so casual and he is too principle and there is one that loves me deeply but he has no job no source of income and i think thats why he loves me cuz i pay the bills. Also the other once are just there.

Pls help me, what do i do am confuse.

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  1. At first I believe you can set your principles in the new relationship.what made you leave the previous ones should be avoided from the get go.then for the principled guy you love try and tell him.but also remember you can’t change a principled person you just have to cope with his principles.then for the one that loves you so much and have no cash try your best not to pay his bills any more and see the reaction.then you can really make your choice.

  2. There is this philosophy I usually tell me friends. Ladies control relationships and men control marriage. Know what you want and also discipline yourself. Dont be too open about your urges and try self control beside him. Even if you people will eventually do it, let it take long so you can know if he is really into you or your body. I dont really believe guys are really discIplined like that. Men love sex. If you dont want to be used, then dont serve them the dishes so early so they wont think you are loose

    1. Well these days, guys can wait for eternity till they get sex. They are called yoruba demons LOL.

      First things first, flee away from the one that has no source of income except he is trying to get and has a bright future.

      As for the one you love, try to bring him close to your family, like your closest sibling and see how he reacts around them. Someone who sees a future with you, will like to be close and know more about your family. And ofcourse dont give in to sex so quickly

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