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I have some many unresolved childhood experiences and injuries some times they overwhelm and push me into isolation am trying to heal on my own but is very difficult I just want to be happy again

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  1. Solving a problem on your own is just like trying to be buth engine and tyre at the same to friends,make more friends and live life.the past is yesterday and today is new.isolation only leads to depression.

  2. I feel that way too sometimes. When I was younger, my parents used to fight so much that they would transfer their aggression on me and beat me for no exact reasons. I have a lot of injuries on my body to prove it. Sometimes I feel so depressed that I cry but it has happened and nothing can be done to erase the memory. M not sating thats d situation you are in but You just have to make better memories so that when u remember d sad ones, they will be like history. You get. Move with people more and just remember that you deserve more

  3. Hmm… Its normal,, u not the first or last person with such issues… D basic fact there is that u need a gossip mate or rather a gist mate… One you can share you thoughts with… Or rather u book a session with a counsellor,, we humans,, there are some memories/events in our past that do weigh us down time to time that the only solution is TALKING.

    Telling your experience verbally to any person can reduce the loads that experience is putting on you

  4. Trying to be happy on your own is like pouring water into a basket.
    You need people around you and vice- versa . Try to see a counsellor.

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