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Im actually in a relationship with a guy that is actually serving right now. Im in 100l studying a course I dont actually like. The guy loves me and I know it but I have issues with his spending. He spent his tuition in 200l which brought a lot of wahala on my head because I wanted to assist but it really really affected my money. Now he is trying to assist his brother who also once spent his too. He already lost a year because of this issue. Do u think I should assist? In so frustrated. I can’t even point at one thing he has gotten for me before. I even give him money sometimes when he is broke. Dont you think its shameless of him?

4 thoughts on “Anonymous”

  1. I don’t think giving is a bad idea.but meaningless spending is not check if u are giving or spending meaninglessly.

  2. Who loves you will spend money on you oh. No matter how little. If that guy is not giving you anything, I dont think he loves you.

    1. You said he loves you but you can’t point one thing he has given to you. Its fake love o. There is no love without giving

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