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I feel like am not wanted or like the least best or rather the second best to all my friends and no one has the time to talk to me or even care but it if it me I would create the time to just talk no body rn cares to give me any bit of special attention maybe they are all busy or am not just important

3 thoughts on “Anonymous”

  1. My dear you are important.maybe just maybe you are expecting care from people who don’t care about you and neglecting does who actually does.

  2. The most successful people in life have very few friends. Maybe 1 or 2 friends only. If they do not want to be your friend, make success your friend. Work hard and be the best version of yourself. You will be happier when you are successful than when you have all the friends in the world without success

  3. Hmm… Stop thinking such… You a blessings, it might just be you hv been focusing more on people who don’t care thereby not noticing people who care abt you… You just have to be yourself,,treat urself well,, take good care of everything about you,, eat well,, engage in sports/exercise,, d wat u loving doing most often… You own nobody ur happiness except you… Bcus you are d BEST version of YOURSELF.

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