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Am at a point in my life where am currently unemployed, my boyfriend made it sound like it’s my fault. He said something that made me sad, so I basically ignored him. When he called I told him I wanted to be left alone which he agreed. Now am trying to reach through to him, he told me I neglected him when he needed me, now he wants to be left alone. Now i don’t know how to feel cause basically am a little bit mad at him.

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  1. Maybe you can send him text,if he does not reply call him if he does not answer let him be.applybthe killers formula where you make up perfectly,wear a very nice cloth smile so nice and put it on your me he will be the one to start calling.but if it does not work I think you can get a professional advice

  2. firstly take a deep breath and by this I mean calm down, only then can you get your head together and know what to do, send a message through he’s friend or a direct message tell OMG him you’re sorry you spoke to him in that manner, but most importantly get your life working back, check out for possible Jobs or learn a skill. sometimes money can change a relationship.

  3. My dear sometimes things happen the way u don’t want it, believe me is not ur fault when u ask him to live u, he did, but wen u called him back his not responding to you, as lovers u have to understand each other remember your not yet married, as a good friend he suppose to understand or to help u out, if is work and u are not working, I don’t think that follow wants the best from u, but u have to make a positive decision and mover ahead, u may find the one who love u.

  4. You are yet to control the stress u facing of being unemployed,, u adding the guy who couldn’t notice u facing hard times,, nd still making himself look like d victim here…. Sister… My first advice.. Work towards being fulfilled nd happy,, nd sit down nd watch him or a better dude come by…

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