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what exactly is a relationship all about those one have to give up everything for it including one’s virginity
I’m currently in a relationship and the guy I’m dating I did give him my virginity and I don’t feel bad for doing it because I feel like he’s Worth it and I just wanted to know if sex in a relationship is good and also why people get in relationships

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  1. My dear, if we make reference to the bible we can believe that sex outside marriage is wrong, when u start getting into a relationship what comes ur mind though people think about sex, but I believe if u Love the person and u can’t wait for sex, get married, instead of u given ur virginity to the one u truely Love that u said “he worth it”.
    Have u ever think of the negative effect it will cause u, pregnancy may involved, diseases can be involved.
    So my dear have u ask ur lover what is ur plan after this(sex). Try ask him if I get pregnant what will u do, well some will tell u sweet thing that will pleas u.
    Think of ur decision u make today what will be the outcome tomorrow.

  2. Sex before marriage is bad. Have u thought about being pregnant and if u should become pregnant Have u thought of ur genotype if u both really match. Wat if u become pregnant and u give birth to a sickler?
    Dating isn’t wrong but sex shouldn’t be in the picture. U can’t keep a man through sex rather he would want to walk away thinking he has seen it all. Thanks sweetie. I hope this helps. 💓

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