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Hi, so I know someone my parents don’t want me seeing, and I have this feeling in me that I should be with this person.
And according to this person, I’ve changed his life and I can see changes as well.
Do I love him? Yes I do, but I’m having second thoughts on that, because, seeing him and loving him is an act of disobedience.
And this relationship has made me not to be too close to my parents, especially my dad, as he flares up at the mention of the guy’s name.
What should I do?

6 thoughts on “Anonymous”

  1. Firstly you should know why your parents don’t want him around you.maybe they want you to concentrate something more than relationship

  2. Interesting, ur parent don’t like this guy, my dear, if i may ask, is ur Dad a religious person, and again is this guy responsible to u and to his society, what do u think my dear.
    Ask ur Dad, ‘ what do u see in this guy u hate’ try to find out the problem with d guy and ur Dad.
    Again follow ur heart.

  3. Try knowing the reasons behind ur parents refusal… There’s no situation a proper dialogue can’t solve… Nd your dad should know you have reached the self reliance and independent stage in ur life and not all his orders you are bond to obey… So you should create that daughter father mutual talk.

  4. They say my academics and spiritual life. And I hear them.
    But now, I don’t seem to have the courage to break out of this relationship.

  5. I will advice you to follow your heart
    Make him the man you dream off work on him relentlessly to make him the man your parents will like
    Do this if you really Love HIM

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