Two days ago, my husband confided in me what I had been suspecting for years. He had a year long sexual affair with a co worker 15 years ago. When I look back on that time, our son was four. He brought his lover into our home and dropped her daughter off for me to babysit so they could go into work together, then brought her back to pick her daughter back up four hours later. Two days ago I learned that on that day, he actually had me watch her daughter so they could go have sex in an abandoned building where they worked. I felt sick. I am so hurt. I had trust issues before this and feel like I cannot trust anyone now. He held this information for 15 years, he keeps saying it was so long ago and he is different now, but I can’t bring myself to forgive. It feels fresh to me. He slept with her over 50 times in a span of over a year and had me watch her kid while he did it. Brought her to my home to pick up her kid after being intimate with her – that is the part that hurts me the most I think, he used me to have the affair in addition to betraying me. When she wanted a commitment with him he moved us to another state (I thought it was to be with his parents). He does not have contact with her and hasn’t since we moved. He wants me to go to a counselor and says he his sorry. What should I do because am very very hurt rite now

  • Anonymous
    8:58 PM, 9 July 2019

    Hi.i feel that pain expecially when he uses you to implement his evil deeds against thing I know for sure is that time heals.if he is sorry allow time to heal you.i think this will help although am not a counselor.i saw in the menu site of this app where you can have a counselor,why don’t you try and see it it will help too.

  • Anonymous
    11:38 PM, 9 July 2019

    Hmmm… So hurting… Any man that can do that can’t just change over night,, he decided to move when the other seek commitment,, and in order for his mistress not to go to you to disclose their affairs, he decided to tell you himself… Although this could make him change for the better… We can’t be certain about that… Another important thing we need to check is you, how you are to your husband, are you the complete stay at home mum, with wrapper on her chest always… For him to drop his mistress child for you to babysit simply means you got ntin doing… Nd most men have little or no respect for such women,, i might be wrong about you,,, but there’s away you can carry / glorify urself in ur husband’s house that will mk his mind nd thinking always glued at ur image. .. Mk d right decision that will keep u happy

  • Anonymous
    3:38 AM, 28 July 2019

    Sorry dear but this is d peak of disregards to me,….I feel ur pain but I blame u but don’t judge u,,,u had suspicion but never acted,at times its good we trust our instinct, let me tell u something positive and negative wire always produce a current ,seeing ur hubby that close to his colleague shld have sent u a msg. D deed has been done sha,I will advice u forgive him since he was d one that confessed to u. Try to move on.

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