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I am not happy with myself over the past few months.
I feel like a total failure, underachieved loser with big dreams.

When thinking why my life is messed up the way it is, the first fault that comes to mind is procrastination.
I have a procrastination problem and that has done me more harm than good. I put off work or leave work half done to complete at convenience.

Second is thee fear of failure. This one has crippled me right now that I hardly go after things I want even when the opportunity presents itself, I just watch and let it pass me by.

I need help

3 thoughts on “Anonymous”

  1. The first step of coming out of your problems is to know them and acknowledge that they are your problem.the next step is to see how you can overcome or defeat them.note defeating your problem is a gradual process.

  2. Everyone has failed in one thing or the other. Do be scared to fail. You cant succeed without failing first. Babies fall many times when trying to walk. But they dont quit. Finally they walk. Just keep trying.

    For procrastination. You just have to make up your mind to do things immediately. Only you can help yourself here. You’re responsible for your life

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