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Good morning, am not happy with my relationship, his angry with me ,for d pass five mouths, he DT talk to or to pick my calls pls help me.

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  1. Please ponder on this questions.what did you do to him,As he stops calling you do you still call him always.if you do then that’s why he is not missing you.Do you depend on him financially.some times this are the reason why guys always get tired of relationship.when it happens like this give them space

    1. My dear is fine, one can be angry to something which he/she don’t like of a misbehavior of u.
      But u have to adjust on a mistakes, give him sometime, if he did not call, call him and no how his doing an hang-up continually and one day ask to meet up with him for discussion.
      Or maybe is seeing someone ex or is tired of u, but u have to understand one thin u can’t force Love.

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