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My dad is going thru financial issues i have this married who has helped me financially n stil helping me but he asked for sex n for a while i haven’t responded n no one knows not even my friends n i need cash now badly

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  1. The man need sex and you need cash.well try your best to get money somewhere some how so as not to fall into temptation please

  2. Oh my dear, u can hear ur self is married, how will u feel if ur married too and u found out ur husband is cheating on u, of it all spending money on a girl, I believe u will not like what one will do to u and ur doing it to someone ex husband.
    I know u need money rite now, believe me they are other possible way u can earn money from, u can as well talk to counselor if u want to for more guidance.

  3. First you have to set your priorities right.
    Do you intend to trade sex for money?
    And what if the cash finishes?
    If your dad actually found out that you trade ur body for money to help out with the family do you think he would applaud you?
    You have to think this through before you indulge in such.

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