Growing up with the loss of my two brothers and my father leaving me with just my mother and my relationship with my mother is not great .. this left me feeling lonely and am also not good at making and keeping friends, so I have always been on my own literally from my teenage age to now that am 29yrs with just two friends that the relationship isn’t that great … I have always looked forward to getting married and having kids so as to take away the loneliness. I got married November 2019, and I was so looking forward to getting pregnant and having a child to fill up the loneliness but I haven’t been able to conceive since then till now .. this is greatly affecting me, making me depressed,more lonely and thinking so much about my late brother’s how life would have been better for me if they were here and recently I feel like I should just die and join my late brothers and I also feel I failed my self and my family because been the only remaining child from a family that is struggling I was suppose to get married to a man working and comfortable even if not so wealthy that can take care of me and my family, help my family out from our struggles and also give my family grandchildren to fill up the loss I and my mother has experienced with the death of my brothers and father.. this is greatly affecting my life and also my marriage making me considering quitting the marriage, I feel it’s better am single than been married with no kids and also still struggling like when I was still single

  • Kenechukwu Ibekwe
    6:17 AM, 15 October 2020

    Hello, I think its important to note that if your joy or feeling of contentment is tied to things around you, you’ll always have issues, I think you should speak to your husband and take it easy on yourself, enjoy your marriage and trust God to add the rest in due time..some people have stayed 15 years without children and then God blessed them with twins, also sometimes stress and mental health can affect this things…So speak to your partner and then speak to a professional, Having two friends isn’t a problem if they can be good friends and you need to learn to love yourself and be happy with who you see in the mirror..You’re going to be fine…dont let fear spoil the good things in your life…Learn to be thankful for the little things!!!!

    6:17 AM, 15 October 2020

    Hello friend sorry for your loss I know it has not being easy for you but also remember that the death if some of your family members is now a past story and making decisions based on that may no go out well,going by what you said now it seems you married your husband to make you replace your loss and keep your life going I think it was a selfish decision.if I were you I would really love my husband and encourage him so we can build our home not because of being bored,replacing the dead or helping financially.maybe if you stay in the marriage with the right mindset you might just start having your kids and everything will fall in place.

  • Gloria Ayibakuro Jephthah
    8:23 AM, 15 October 2020

    Also talk to a counselor

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