Hey..my name is Joy.Am 19years old.iam the only da

Hey..my name is Joy.Am 19years old.iam the only daughter of my parents we are five in number bt am the only girl.my parents an siblings don’t allow me to go out or even see me with a guy.i have a boyfriend whom we have been dating for 6yrz now.his kind enough for understanding the situation IAM in and he doesn’t chase ladies.cox everywhere Anywhere pple know him with me.but all of a sudden he asked me if we are really going to see eachoda today.i told him I don’t know yet.he got angry an started telling me that he is tired of all this.how can we be in the same town and we both are present in town but can’t see each other.dat I should make an effort.cox he swears he will go for another girl.immidately I became very weak Cox I love him so much.i was stranded an confused.i don’t want to lose him.and if I should go out.my siblings will beat the hell out of me.am confused am scared.i don’t know what to do.my boyfriend told me he is very serious about it.he said even if we can’t meet on bed,he should jst see my face he will be okey.but all the time phone issue.we are always Talking on phone.and he knows wat will happen to me if I der go out of the house.please help me.i beg u.i need ur advice.Is it that,he doesn’t love me again or what?am confused.i Know he has tried allot 4 been patient with me.but am still scared

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  1. Hello friend at age 19 its normal to have a boy friend but its still okay to be more serious with your books.he still loves you and I feel he trying to see if he can control you.

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