pls how can I pay for counselling here when I don’

pls how can I pay for counselling here when I don’t have a bank account.But I have the money.I don’t have a bank account because I’m 14 years old and I can’t use my parents own because I can’t tell them about my problems talk less of telling them about therapy

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  1. it takes time b4 anyone answers here and I need urgent help .u don’t understand what I’m going through.I’m literally crying right now.I’m in Nigeria and I’m not sure there is any hotline for suicide.

  2. ok.I have high functioning bpd and it’s not easy for meet.what can I do about it .I can’t talk to anyone in my life about it.they won’t understand me.No one ever does.I’m frustrated.

  3. Hello I think the way you are telling me and trying to make me understand that’s thesame way you can talk to someone at home.its going to be way better if you can actually find someone to trust at home

  4. I know that they won’t understand me.They won’t take me seriously.My dad would think I am just being foolish and my mum and siblings would make fun of meet.Well, can’t tell them one on one anyway, I have quiet bpd, which prevents me from doing some things..And no,I can’t talk to friends about would make no difference and it would cause even more trouble for me.I’ll feel stalked and one of my 2 friends likes making insensitive comments about people.I’ll bee the center of their attention and don’t like’ll just make me act in a stupid and unreasonable way, causing more harm.

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