Am a bright student most most of my courses in co

Am a bright student most most of my courses in college i do have A’s apart from calculation courses.
I was giving admission to study MATH which i know am not good at, but i felt people doing it ain’t have 2heads so i took d offer my year 1 was a bit OK
But at year 3 when i had to face the real math course I failed woefully and had extra yr.
I tried but it seems it not working so i had to opt out and pick another jamb which have not been offered admission yet.
But am learning a skill.
A friend told me that instead of going another 4yrs why don’t i finish my training start working and Run part-time education sponsoring my self since there is no financial help and looking at the economy of Nigeria now after 4yrs I will now go and start learning or hunting for jobs.
My qstn is
1. Should i process the admission for the 4 yrs course
2. Finish my training and be working and running part-time.
3. Or I get hired on salary bases since i need money in my training.

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  1. this time you should look around you,you have all the information to answer this questions.
    Do you have time and money for another four years.
    Do you want to work for someone else
    Do you want to learn a skill and employ someone else.
    Think then through and make your decision. Thanks

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