Depressed Sometimes I find validation from people

Sometimes I find validation from people and when they can’t give to me I become so sad I wish I have someone to share these things with even my best friend doesn’t understand the depression I feel the emptiness the hurt I’m going through that I can’t even explain sometimes I’m like why are you even sad everything’s going well I always find a reason to be unhappy and it’s sickening I’m so unhappy now I feel I need a boyfriend to be happy and I don’t know why I can’t just be happy by myself I don’t know I try like I really try but no I’m still so unhappy now I took upon my self to channel my energy to sex and it’s making look so desperate and disgusting I had sex with this guy yesterday and I didn’t feel anything for him but I just wanted to for no complete reason I need help cause I’m loosing my mind I’m so sad and right now I’m crying cause I’m too sad I’m hurting no one wants me except sex I just want to be wanted sometimes the sadness over takes me and comes out as mood swings I’d just be so angry I’m afraid I’d just hurt myself one day no one will even care

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  1. Hello I understand your pain and the sad thing about it is that our friends also have their pain and feel their own pain is bigger than yours so in the end no one cares.I think the best option is to love yourself and give yourself self worth after this try to appreciate all you have like frinds, family,free air and health thus may make you appreciate live and be happy.

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