Basically I’m in love with a Lady, she told me fro

Basically I’m in love with a Lady, she told me from the on set that she was in a relationship but I didn’t listen I thought our friendship could lead to something serious but Nothing seems like that, we were cool from the beginning we actually met last year September so throughout last year we were cool but since the beginning of the year I’ve been having a feeling that she was trying to cut me off of her life but I’m seriously in love with her and I’m always down because my expectations are too high I just love her with No Reasons whatsoever.
No attention from her anymore she’s now blunt unlike before she wouldn’t want to go straight but now she will tell me as it is, I’m always calling her at the wrong time 😭😭😭😭 in fact I feel less of myself, I’ve never experienced this thing in my life, I’m reasoning so many things like this I hope I’m able to overcome this because I hardly find any other girls attractive now, in fact one of my friend even introduced me to a lady just to cheer up but I let him down I don’t just have any interest mehn my mind is so heavy and I’m getting Lean my head self is getting drying

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