Hello i have so much problemz right now my heart i

Hello i have so much problemz right now my heart is beating fast and i feel like i want to die im so stressed out. I am addicted to pornography and masturbation i had been gaining headway and having faith and i was getting better healthier and happier everyday till this,I just finished university and i have one extra course that i supposedly failed because i tried getting the raw results but i was unable to get it i prayed i fasted i believed God with all my heart. I had so many carryovers in school 300lvl 400lvl he saved me from all the shame and now he couldn’t help me for this one i have fallen back to masturbation and pornography and i feel dead inside every single day. I feel baf for my parents i just want to see them happy and for them to say they are proud of me but now this i can’t graduate now. Im tired of my life im so so tired. I feel so lonely and drained out.

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  1. Hello using one problem to solve another is just compounding them porn takes your joy and energy and brings bad things around.
    Happy failed a course in the university is not a new thing because many people have failed in life but yet doing better now.examination will never be the test of true knowledge.
    Note that.

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