Hi, Good day, I’m Lydia,a university student and I

Hi, Good day, I’m Lydia,a university student and I’m 19years old.
While growing up, I really did not have the opportunity to going out, or meet people, so I have a very bad communication skills, if I’m not close to you or we are not friends, I can’t talk with you. This turned me to an introvert. Also I was very good academically, but right now I really do not understand myself. Something happened recently and right now, I am very depressed,my friend introduced me to his friends, but because of my poor communication skills I ruined everything. So we met again and he was giving cold attitude because of my last behaviour, I am honestly tired of people complaining about me,I am not a bad person but it seems like my bad communication skills just want to ruin my life and my poor academic performance, my parents, my family,my friends are tired, I’m also tired too, please help me before things get out of hand. I need people, I need friends, I want to have good grades in life, I want to be genuinely happy again, I need to network and connect with people. Please help me

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  1. Hi Lydia its really good and important to connect but I don’t think your not connecting well because of your poor communication skill even the dumb communucates and have friends,
    What if you try to keep up good relationship,try checking up and also try to be nice and a good person.
    For your education you should not allow your social life interfere in your education both of them are different and most be kept apart.

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