Hi soo am very confused, depressed nd lost all my

Hi soo am very confused, depressed nd lost all my life relationships hasn’t been really favorable for me soo I reunited wit this guy i used to know before although I liked him then but he was wit another woman until last year he broke up with her met me again we got talking nd told me all his battle wit relationships his ex nd current who has a child for him anyways I tried to comfort him then we started hanging out actually using me to gt over is ex which I was aware along the line i fell deeply in love with him knowing he loves another woman, I couldn’t hide nor control my feelings he wil call me to complain about how much he loves this woman trust me i hav never felt torture before my heart wil break nd bleed especially wen i ignores him i tried so much to stay away from him I told him how i feel about him nd i dnt want him to call me again but he begged dat he cnt leave me he also likes me, smh i tried leaving town but even wen i do i miss so much dat my heart feels like it gonna explode but I know he isn’t right for me coz he has women issues he cheats all the time even in my presence I have never loved any man lik this I tried to forget him but no way am stork the other hand i have a guy who loves me nd wanna select wit me but my heart beats for another I feel like if I refuse him am gonna regret it later am confused how do u stop loving someone who doesn’t love you nd love someone who loves nd cherish you am broken please help me

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  1. Hi.its so good living someone and that same person loves you back.but if it is the other way I guess you have to go to the one that has your interest at heart.
    Love and go hot or cold at anytime but someone who respects you and treats you special will always stand the test of time.

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