A friend introduced me to someone about a week ago

A friend introduced me to someone about a week ago. We haven’t met yet, but we’ve been talking online. I was getting really fond of him, then he mentioned something about a relationship and I told him I was only interested in being friends, I said this because I just wanted to get to know him well enough first. It’s been two days and he’s stopped talking to me.
I keep telling myself that it’s actually good that he left, but it hurts alot and I don’t know why, I barely know him. Somehow I feel like I get too attached to people and that’s why it always hurts so bad.

4 thoughts on “A friend introduced me to someone about a week ago”

  1. Hi.if its friendship you want then that’s it and if you want it tobgo through a process then that’s it,if he really want you he should at least be patient.

  2. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with what you said about wanting to wait and know him better before a relationship. For goodness sake it has only been just a week. Where is he rushing to. Its behaviour like his that makes someone think he has an ulterior motive. Be careful. A man who really wants you will do everything necessary to get you including waiting for you

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