Uhmn.. gud day I’m suffering from pornography and

Uhmn.. gud day
I’m suffering from pornography and masturbation and I can’t really tell anyone because I’m afraid they’ll laugh at me I been struggling to fight this masturbation for a long time like 5years and somtym I faint wen I’m doing it somtymx

Wen I say to myself that I can stop it it will work like 1 or 2day
Pls I don’t know what to do again.. I’m really tired of doing this to myself, somtymx it comes to my mind to commit sucide

Pls I really need u guys help pls I’m in a very bad condition naw

I masturbate up to 4tymx a day … I can’t just control it by myself I need help

Pls I need your message back I’m loosing tym here please someone should help me

Thanks for everything in advance

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  1. Hello.I think you should talk to one if our counsellors firstly and secondly you have a very bad addiction which can be stopped with aggressive decision making.
    Try and stay away from materials,thoughts and movies that triggers it.
    Keep your mind and body occupied with positive things
    Pray about it too.

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