I’m a 20 years old university student and I have m

I’m a 20 years old university student and I have my pregnant elder sis staying with me in my apartment cos of financial struggles her boyfriend’s encountering.Ever since she came, my life has been on a whole different level totally different from how I thought it to be cos she came for a “visit “ but has been here 3 months without even having an idea when she’ll be leaving. I practically do everything for her, more like I’m living for her right now, depriving myself of a lot of things for her to be comfortable but she’s never grateful. It’s always from one quarrel to the other something I never bargained for. I struggle to give her food 3 times daily and even buy her fruits for her condition but what’s eating me up right now is how she expects me to do everything for her alone. When I buy her something and buy for myself, she starts asking why I bought for myself and not her alone. Just today I prepared rice in the morning before leaving for school in the afternoon. I only ate in the morning then got back home 8pm before I got home, there was nothing in the pot for me to eat but I didn’t bother cos I bought oranges for she and myself in separate places so I gave hers to her and started to eat mine. The oranges were 5 for each person but she still had a problem with me buying for myself saying she’s carrying someone in her not caring that I left home since afternoon without food and those oranges I needed for energy before sorting something out for us both to eat this night even with all the stress I passed through and coupled with all these, my relationship is a mess right now I can’t even freely share my feelings with my boyfriend anymore cos he broke up with me. I seriously feel like I’m so useless and that happiness isn’t for me.

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  1. Hi.your really a good and caring person and if your boyfriend left you he has lost some good thing.when people are pregnant they always have such feelings and they tend to disturb other people around so just be patient its just for nine months.

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