Am so heartbroken,I met a guy online and we dated

Am so heartbroken,I met a guy online and we dated for almost 2 years then he came back and we finally meet,we spent some days together and were very cool and happy,then he was ment to travel to his hometown after some days,he traveled after 3 days and we were still very cool we were still communicating and all of a sudden the communication went poor,he will be online without saying anything to me,I sent several messages without any reply,all for me to wake up one morning to see his status,he posted a picture of him and a lady in a compromising position,I wanted to ask but still but can’t because he hasn’t reply to the previous messages I left him,he kept on posting without checking up on me for a week I had to go offline for a week just to see if he is gonna notice,but to my greatest surprise I came online without any single message from him,I decided to call him and he declined my call, I kept on calling and he had me blocked on WhatsApp,I couldn’t hold myself anymore,I was curious on what went wrong with him,we didn’t have any fight while we were together for some days,so after a week he blocked me,I sent him a message that we need to talk and he replied saying”Stop disturbing me and I don’t want to hear any explanation” I tried to call him direct but noticed my number has been blocked too. I felt so heartbroken that I can’t help it but to keep crying.. I really need help because I can’t just stop thinking about the whole thing am so broken..

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  1. Hello these things happen sometimes when people come into your life and just leave without saying goodbye please if he is not interested any more let him be the relationship will get worse if you keep begging him to get back to your life.

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