So here’s my story, I have been dating this guy fo

So here’s my story,
I have been dating this guy for a while now,like two weeks ago he told me he wanted to celebrate his birthday that he has not celebrated in a long while which i supported and encouraged him to if he really feels that way.The birthday was been celebrated yesterday in the new parish where he has just been transfered to as a church worker. Before yesterday i have been noticing that this particular girl from his old parish calls him on the regular even at odd hour,i asked and complained but he assured me there was nothing going on between them that the girl is their resident pastor’s daughter and that they were just friends and nothing more. Fast forward to yesterday ,i did a few chops for him for the occasion so he was suppose to come pick me up in the evening for the occasion, but he called few minutes to the occasion to let me know that he was held up in traffic and that he won’t be able to pick up me as planned that i should take a drop to his apartment and he would meet me up there,that his friends were waiting too.
When i got to his apartment,he was there and for almost 10 minutes he pretended not to noticed me come in,then i noticed a female in his room acting almost too comfortable,at first i thought that she was his friend’s girlfriend but not until he stood at the door and called me babe to come assist him with something but the girl quickly responded,he never told the girl he wasn’t referring to her instead he played along. More of his friends came later and we all proceeded to the church for the occasion, at the church the same scene kept repeating itself,each time he calls me babe somehow the girl would be there too and she would quickly respond. I intentionally was slow to responding to the name each time he called babe in the presence of the girl just to know there relationship.
I later found out that the girl was the same girl from his church that is always calling. Because of the curfew in Port Harcourt ,people left early and the girl left too i tried to leave but he stopped me that we’ll all go together,few minutes after the girl left,one of his close pals came to beg me and then he came too to beg me, he confessed having a short relationship with the girl, claiming that they got too close and things just moved too fast and that he didn’t mean to disrespect me by bringing the girl there, that he ended things with her and have told her about having a serious relationship but she wasn’t ready to let go,so he brought her because so she’ll witness him propose to me. That whole birthday celebration wasn’t to celebrate himself but to propose to me in front of her so she would confirm her wasn’t lying. I rejected the proposal because I’m not too comfortable with all the stories but he’s been begging since then,his friends too,even though i actually told him in the presence of his friends that i would never marry him,i somehow do not have peace with that decision. Please i like to know if I’m doing the right thing ,or I’m a little overreacting.

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  1. You can give it a little time,most times our instincts don’t lie,if you doubt your love and trust for him then you need not to rush.

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