I met this guy longtime ago as a friend and we wer

I met this guy longtime ago as a friend and we were friend for like 3years before we moved into a relationship,am so found of this guy that I can’t go a day without talking to him.our love story continues likes that till he went for services last year,so sometimes last year we had issues to an extent he requested for breakup I was really broken to an extent I found myself on hospital bed😭i begged him alot cus I really love this guy so I can’t imagine myself without him and to crown it all he was the one that disvirgined me,so whether am wrong or right am always make sure I did the begging cus have promise myself to marry any guy that disvirgined me.fastforward to this year,we had another issues cus anytime we agrue he’s found of embarrassing me nd abusing me sometimes cursing self,so I was now imagine that kind of anger that what if we see one on one,so wont that lead to violence or something so I really disagree with him this time that am ain’t backing down if he didn’t stop the abusing nor stuff like that so we kept dragging it for weeks and before he end up saying he needs a breakup then this time around I didn’t beg I agree to it nd I said goodbye💔like 30min later this guy kept calling nd sending messages like am I for real but I didn’t reply he kept calling till midnight then a friend ask me to pick his call nd hear him out,,then he started pleading that he just used that to scared me probably I will succor as always but seems this time arund its not like that,and I answered yes that he has put that fear in me to an some extent because I always told him any guy that disvirgined me na him I go marry,so I said to him that one of the reason uve always scared me with breakup or bullying me but am done already so he kept begging that he didn’t mean it that I should forgive him ,so I agreed nd we continue the relationship,and he came back from service in February,then I got to knw he cheated on me during he’s services year and i confronted him nd he didn’t deny it he begged me alot that i should forgive him its won’t happen again but ever since then its always from one fight to another but we always settle it immediately.so on tuesday night we chatting nd gisting then its later lead to an argument, this guy will always fault you for any fight that happens but when you mention about his own fault he will always want to shut you up like let forget it or I shouldn’t talk about it again,,so on that Tuesday after he fault me I want to say his own too then he was like let forget it,so I was like let me say what I want to say then immediately he hang up the call nd went offline and I always told him I hate it wen someone hang up call on me then I kept calling him back nd sending messages to pick my call,I called him 10times he picked it on 11th time have been calling then I talked to him like what even the problem nd stuff like that ,then he said I should fault him again nd I should see if he won’t hang up again😢then I said you re at fault too then he hang up the call again and me self no bother to call him again,,so the second day he called like 3times then I didn’t pick the call,I saw his message too I didn’t reply not until yesterday, so since then he has called me nor replied to me..I dnt actually knw what else I can do am confused right now cus anytime we have issues like this am always chattered💔

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