I’m down , broke ,sad, lonely No help coming from

I’m down , broke ,sad, lonely
No help coming from anywhere .
I have had failed relationships, I have dated both the poor and rich guys none has been favourable
I’m very ambitious but no help to help pursue my dreams. I feel like I’m a failure
Now there’s a man around he is married but doesn’t have a child , he needs me to help me by giving him a child, he wanted to get me a new phone when I told him mine was stolen, but he wanted sex before handing over everything to me including the clothes he got I got pissed off and told him there will be no sex if he doesn’t meet my needs, we stopped talking after a week I decided to message him, cos now I don’t have a phone, I’m broke, I need to pay my rent and sort out things for my self and my mum.

Should I go ahead and sleep with him??

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  1. That married man doesn’t love you,he just want to use you.Dont let distractions stop you from pursuing ur dream you can do it and be strong for yourself

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