My life is a total mess… I grew up with my pare

My life is a total mess…
I grew up with my parents but it seems to me that I don’t have a father, I am never in the category of people who can be dependent on their father. My mum does her part.
Fast foward to everything I’m 23years currently serving, I’ve been financially down no help coming from nobody, my relationship don’t seem to get on well I tend to loose out after giving my self out, I’ve tried also staying without a man and it’s still not working for me. I met this married man who seems to be so interested in me and really I don’t feel a thing for this man, my only concern is to see to how to can establish my self and also help my poor mum.
He wants to have sex, I’m so irritated but I need the money.
Judging from things I don’t think he’s gonna give me any funds if I don’t lay with him, I’ve been having sex that are unfavorable and now I’m confused …
I need this money and I don’t know if I should date this married man , he says he wants me to give birth for him cos his wife has challenges giving birth..

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  1. You’re confused if you should sleep with the married man or not. What do you think will happen if you get pregnant for him?

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