My boyfriend has a girlfriend before we met and st

My boyfriend has a girlfriend before we met and started dating,he said “he doesn’t have feelings for her that if he still love her he wouldn’t have fallen in love with me” that’s what he said. But I have secretly read his whatapp chats with the girl countless times, they’ve not break up,they still chat, call, call video calls too and still say romantic things to each other and sometimes meet each other.i have confront him countless times about this but he always have lots of excuses to say, we have quarreled countless times about this, we have break up twice about this but he will still come back saying is me that he love,that he want me,that he’s only reciprocating the love she’s giving to him. I read his chat yesterday night and I noticed that he knows her family.
He has not break up with her and he can’t break up with her

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  1. I was once in that situation. I had to brace up and face reality. I told myself the truth and broke up. The girlfriend ended up insulting me but I’m so much better now. If you feel you can’t let go, try it. It’s just a matter of time till you get over it. Let go. It’s for the best boo:)

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