When I was in the university, I got natively got i

When I was in the university, I got natively got into a relationship that got me completely broken and shattered after he left me. I was doing well at the beginning of my studies but after the painful breakup, I stopped going to classes for a very long time and only resurfaced during exams. As expected I failed almost all the courses that semester and had to struggle a lot but I couldn’t fix it till I got to final year. I kept lying about my progress in school to everyone who cared to ask. My mates graduated and went home and I had to go back home too because I couldn’t explain why I was still in school, so I couldn’t do my extension. Now my mates are going for service and my parents are eagerly waiting for my turn to go for service and I’ve been lying about that too. Both my parents are hypertensive and once they get to know the truth, I might loose one or both of them. I’m so scared and confused. I’m planning on leaving home to try and fix myself up in the guise of going to service. I want to leave town, get a job or something, save up some money and start a business or go back to school. The Nigerian country is hard and it’s making me a bit scared but I can’t stay back and hurt my parents. I need to find my feet again but I can’t do that around them while lying to them. I need advice on how to handle this situation……I’m confused!

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  1. Hello.i seriously think that one way or the other your parents should know,yes the news will be heart breaking but the way and manner you tell them will change the narrative.
    Leaving them and lying again that you going for service will do more harm in the long run.thimk about it.

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