“You are not alone” A universal lie that has bec

“You are not alone”
A universal lie that has become a mantra spoken without thought. A line meant to placate those with plagued minds and soothe the egos of the utterers.
Those empty words change nothing and fill no space. They are band-aids slapped on to gunshot wounds even by the very people who keep shooting you. Hydrocolloid patches given to heal broken ribs.
They don’t care; not really. They might cry if you leave but the tears are as empty as the words.
They don’t want to have to think that they could have done more. They don’t want to think that they might have done something wrong, been one of the dominoes in a falling cascade. So once the empty tears fall, they get angry. Angry at you for not sucking up, for being “weak” and selfish but they’re just as selfish. How dare you stain their lives with the stigma of loss? They don’t want to lose what you did for them. They want to feel like good people and they can’t if you’re gone. Your leaving makes them face the fact that they’re not as important as they think they are. Well to hell with that. They can take their own advice and get over themselves.
The ones with the knives will forget anyways. They’ll pretend they didn’t skin you with a thousand cuts. They’ll preach about kindness and love as if they have any clue what those words mean cause they wouldn’t flay people if they actually did. They’ll pretend to know you and to grieve and even speak over the voices of the few who might. The moment will blow over and they’ll go back to the darkness they spread. Nothing will change. The world will go on and you’ll be forgotten.
You are alone and when you’re gone, your memory fades away.

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