I was brought up in a dysfunctional family, consta

I was brought up in a dysfunctional family, constant fighting, cursing, tears and hunger.
There was no money and a lot of pain existed.
I graduated from school and pursued all legitimate avenues to get money.
My father had died 2 years before I graduated and I just wanted my family to be fine. I gave out all my money and took less care of myself. I work in a multinational company but I feel sad within me. I just exist and never live. Family keeps calling for one issue or another and it leaves me feeling drained and confused. To top it all, I day dream constantly to block of any feeling I am having. I don’t really have friends, I don’t go out, I have never even dated anyone seriously. I feel exhausted at work and I want to write exams but I keep procrastinating because deep down, I am sad and can’t find any meaning to life. I am not scared of the exams, infact I have never failed exams once I attempt them. The problem is my daydreaming is taking my time to practice for the exams. I feel helpless and drained every day.

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  1. Hello in all you feel drained.have you ever thought of taking a break from all your normal routine and to see life differently maybe if you do you might have a date and also a new approach to life.

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