Hello..please I just need advice…ive been marrie

Hello..please I just need advice…ive been married for about 10years and still trusting God for the fruit of the womb, I discovered my hubby has a child with someone and we spoke about it ..he begged and said he wanted to be sure he wasn’t the problem that was why he went far away from home but he accepted that doesn’t justify his action…I cried and let it go. He doesn’t treat me bad or anything but sometimes when I think about it I feel bad.
Recently he needed to travel to see the child.(of course he didn’t tell me but I found out although he told me he was travelling) ..I was angry and unhappy and didn’t really warm up to him. So when he left I sent a message just expressing how I felt That he was going to see another woman and that he might even have sex with her and all that..(although I have asked what’s the relationship btw him and the mother of the child).and he responded with
“”If only you can deepen your wisdom you won’t talk or think like this. You need to grow wiser and manage situations better””

What should I do??
Thank you.

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