I’m frustrated and tired , I just feel like ending

I’m frustrated and tired , I just feel like ending everything , killing myself and all because that’s the feeling I’m having……

I had no place to go or where to stay when I came to port Harcourt , I stayed in my girlfriends house for about two years before getting a job and moving out , they treated me nicely (the parents) despite some sense of hatred from brothers and relations but still the parents were nice but my girlfriend was busy cheating and doing alot of things ,I know I’m not a good person but I would never hurt her but I felt in bondage because she gets to do what she likes while I get to be watched by her parents and siblings ,I don’t even have Friends not to talk of female friends….so I got close to a girl at the office but I didn’t get that close but she wanted us to have more but I couldn’t because I felt connected to something but now I explained everything to this girl but she couldn’t handle it and used what I said to her against and said I’m not a man blablabal……

I really do not know what to do because I feel I owe that family a lot because they helped me when I had no one ….breaking up with their daughter will be somehow , I don’t know what to do , I’m confuse …I need help , I’m emotionally dead.

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