Hi, pls I need help n advise cos am really confuse

Hi, pls I need help n advise cos am really confused. so basically there are three guys, of which am dating one (he is a bolt driver and I really love him) and the the other two are my friends(even before I started dating). The thing here is that they all want to marry m. Trust me they are all n everything every lady wishes to have in a hubby( educated, mind-blowing, good sense of humour, optimistic, hardworking, understanding,good listener, loving n caring. But I don’t want to make a nasty decisions I’ll regret. What should I do.

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  1. Begin first with what you want, and to do that, you have to understand who you are, what makes you YOU, what makes you unique.
    You cannot ascertain what you genuinely need without understanding who you are at the core of your being.
    Anyway, I’m going too far now.
    Ask yourself these questions:
    Is age on your side, are you desperate or under pressure to marry
    Are you pursuing a career or doing something to add value to your life?
    What do you want the most now?
    Is it a certificate, a job, a relationship or marriage?
    Now,what every woman has to understand is this, a man might while away his time and decide to settle down at forty and would still find his choice and marry her.
    But once a woman is past her prime, suitors decrease. And soon those who approach her would only want romantic relationships without any intention of settling down with them.
    So now, you have three suitors. Are they all genuine? If the answer is yes, then how are you ready to marry or do you need more time, or are you not thinking of marriage yet.
    Don’t toy with their feelings if you aren’t ready for marriage. Be plain to them.
    Then, which of them makes you happy the most? Is he the one you love or want the most? If yes, and you are still not ready, end things with the others and discuss it with the one of your choice about giving you more time. See how understanding he is.
    Ultimately, the choice is yours.
    There are some things you have got to decide for yourself.
    Good luck.

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