I am a 22 years old lady ,my family is made up of

I am a 22 years old lady ,my family is made up of my father,mother and two elder siblings.We were raised by very strict parents and thank God we turned out well in almost all aspects of life. But the problem is my father,we have been patient and enduring all our lives,we are always very happy when ever we get a chance of running from home and always scared and frustrated when we have to come back home.For as long as we can remember we are always scared of asking him for money or anything most of times he says we should go and meet our mum and he told my mom that he will make sure he frustrates her and he doesn’t care where she’s getting money from but she should take care of the house so my mom usually has to take up loan almost every year just to make ends meet and for peace to reign,he has hit her on different occasions,he is into agriculture and most times he takes us to them farm and we will work so much but after harvesting he will sell almost everything and we can’t touch the farm produce or ask him for anything from the money,he is always so bitter,angry and finding faults in every passing minutes he’s always ready for a fight,and God blessed him with a very good wife and children but nothing have we ever done to satisfy him,and we wake up 4am almost everyday and spend the 24hours practically worshipping him and dancing to his tunes but still it does not please him enough.None of us have ever brought shame to the family but we are never enough for him,my mom buys almost everything in the house and still settles our bills sometimes by borrowing money.When we see or hear him coming we run and hid in our rooms or keep quiet when we see him approaching,we have living in fear,tension,pressure and frustration all our lives.We can’t talk freely or laugh and be happy with him is always faults and insults every blessed day and I am at my breaking point because I am so tired and depressed,my mental health is very messed up I can’t even bring myself to be happy and I am scared,my mom keeps saying we should be patient and enduring that is just a matter of time but I think I have to tell him my mind soon before I go crazy I know the thing he can do is to either kill me or disown me.This is just a summary of everything but there are even worst parts,I just need to talk about it to ease the pain and get advice on how to go about everything I am so mentally exhausted.

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  1. Hi.sometimes parents can be like this more especially the father’s maybe because of the whole African thing that the man must be feared,anyways I think talking to him us a good advice but please be guided,be respectful on how you talk,give him reasons why you want a meeting with him,ask him why he is better and make him know you guys are not kids anymore and if he let you,you can be of help to him.

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