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Hi, I’m a student of a federal University and I do

Hi, I’m a student of a federal University and I do have thoughts of suicide but I can’t go through with it most times because of my mom and how heartbroken she’ll be when I’m gone.My dad is alive but it’s as if he’s not, because I basically take care of myself in school through some jobs buh recently I started learning a side hustle (Fashion designing), and my dad agreed to pay a quarter of it,but didn’t agree to pay again when I bought a sewing machine, from one of the investments I made.He was angry that I didn’t tell him about the money and instead went ahead to call me names and insult me, telling me that I’m stupid and all sorts of insults.Now the investments crashed and I have so much bills to pay and nowhere to get money from,the investments crashed and now my madame is on mu neck for her balance and he has refused to pay her..I really don’t know what to do,I can’t just help myself from thinking that I should just end things.

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