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Heyyy everyone. Depression is real,you know? It

Heyyy everyone.
Depression is real,you know? It has destroyed me.
My parents are always quarreling lol,since I’ve known them,they’ve never been at peace,that’s the reason i don’t make friends,i can’t even be in a relationship because I feel I’ll end up like my parents,they both broke me especially my dad. A dad that hates his daughter lol,long story cut short i never grew up in a happy home. Problems arising everyday. It’s really depressing. I’m trying to stay sane because i’m loosing my mind.
I need peace,I’ve never experienced it in my life. I envy people who have happy homes because i want to be like them🥺
I need help!

1 thought on “Heyyy everyone. Depression is real,you know? It”

  1. I grew up from such home and still there, I’m been suicidal at the moment, came online to Google of ways in commiting suicide and I found this page

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