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I have been in this relationship for 4 years now,I

I have been in this relationship for 4 years now,I love him so so much and I believed it was both ways.
That’s why when I got pregnant we both decided to keep the baby,we planned to get married before my baby bump becomes obvious but where I come from they don’t accept dowry on a pregnant woman, so we put the wedding on hold.
With time I moved into my partners house,he came with his people for introduction,he really supported me when I was pregnant,from cooking for me late at night,to attending every single antenatal appointment with me.
Everything changed when the baby arrived,I noticed some attitude from his mother,she kept acting like she wasn’t happy that we have a child now,I really don’t know how to explain but you know that kind of excitement that women get when their grandchild is born,she never called even to say congratulations,she also didn’t attend my baby’s naming ceremony,few days after the naming ceremony I called her and was asking after her and she said I shouldn’t call her again that she hasn’t paid my bride price and any woman that she hasn’t paid the bride price has no right to call her,my partner was there and even though he heard everything he just laughed it off and said his mum is joking,but I couldn’t take that word out of my mind.after that day I never called her again,my partner changed,any little misunderstanding between us and he starts hitting me😢,he controlled me to the extent that I lost my self esteem,I’d always see myself as nothing,whenever am on the phone with my mum or siblings he gets angry ,so many things happened within a space of 2 months but I just couldn’t tell anyone,what would people say?
So I decided to endure it and build a home with him.
Last week,I had serious stomach pain for two days and he didn’t show any sign of concern,he called his elder brother to come and keep him company at home and I was dying inside the house.
I called my mum and explained everything to her and my mum asked me to come over so we can go to the hospital together,I told my partner about the plan because I just love this guy so much and I respect him a lot too.his brother said if am going to my mums place for treatment I have to drop my baby,it was somehow and I was angry already,I tried to ignore them and just leave but the elder brother started pushing me that I can’t leave with my child,in the process my baby fell down,when I saw my baby on the floor I ran mad,I destroyed his car wipers,😭I think my story is really long now but long story short,I sustained a lot of injuries that day because him and his elder brother dealt with me all because I refused to leave my baby with’s been one week since this whole thing happened,am at my grandmas place because they pushed me out of our house,he hasn’t called,nor even one of his family members called at least to ask of the baby,I know i should be angry at him and all that but the problem is I still love him,I don’t know if am under a spell but all I want right now is to go back home and sleep in his arms,I really don’t know what to do because am not sure that’s a good decision

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