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Philophobia, Self-doubt, and severe anxiety

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  1. Love is a beautiful thing and when we havent experienced it, we have our doubts and fears. I recommend loving yourself as a an exercise, give yourself treats, praise yourself, celebrate your little wins and embrace your body; flaws and physique. When you do all this, you see how easy it is to fall in love because your mind is open to loving and care. This will inturn makes you select the kind of love you want and will not take less than what you deserve.
    It is absolutely normal to self doubt, it keeps us in check, however excessive self doubt puts us in trouble. How about you speak up when things are not okay, dont think before saying it, thinking would make you second guess. and most importantly dont compare yourself to others. You are unique and there cant be another you no matter what.
    Lastly, Have self affirmations, like 1. I can do this and nothing will stop me
    2. i am determined to make it work and i will do my best.
    I am exactly where i am suppose to be
    It gets better, I am not my mistakes or past.

    i hope this will help you in your daily affairs. I wish you all the best.

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