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My name is Praise. I’m the firstborn of 4 kids, which means I have a whole lot of responsibility. My parents are not what I’d call a ‘loving couple’. They never get along with each other. My dad, I mean. He abuses my mother verbally, saying stuff like ‘You’re a bastard. I wish I’d never married you…. or he’d say ‘You’re a whore.’
And meanwhile, my dad cheats on my mum. I do read all his messages with young girls and I report back to my mum because the two of us are really close. At first my mom was not happy with the way I read those messages, but I kind of convinced her that I could handle it. This continued for a year. My dad would not give my mother money to cook in the house, and she would have to get money from just anywhere to cook for the six of us. It’s affecting me emotionally and I feel so weak, so angry and depressed. What should I do?
If you have answers for me, please send them via my email..
Thank you.

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