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Good evening.
Please ma I have a situation and I want your advise ma🥺🥺.

A brother came to me told me I’m his wife.. I prayed and confirmed it.. but I didn’t have feelings for him at first.. but along side I prayed about it and started growing feelings for him to the extent that I now love him deeply. But recently I made a mistake with another brother.. so he found out and was down… Told him everything, at first he said he has forgiven me and things continued but all of a sudden he said he just want to be alone that he doesn’t want relationship for now.. I’ve prayed to God for forgiveness and also prayed to God to heal him of pains as a result of being hurt., But ma I’m confused.. what should I do ma…

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  1. Are you struggling with problems like depression, low self-esteem, anxiety,trauma , addiction, finding your hidden talents, potentials,purpose and self Discovery .
    Do you find it difficult building relationship with others, Making the right decision, feel helpless and hopless then talk to a counselling psychologist

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