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Okay! I think I actually wanna die. I cause my family so much hurt, they always complain about me, they say I’m too stuck up and stuff. My mum is late and she mentioned my name till she died. My sister thinks I’m the reason why she died. I don’t like talking to my family cos I would rather be by myself. I’m currently with my father and his step wife, she always reports me to my dad abs sister about how she’s always nice to me but I just wanna be left alone. They think I’m into internet fraud cos I’m always on my phone. Today was the saddest of all. My elder sister who doesn’t live with us told her to send me out or poison me before my dad gets back from work because no one in the family likes me anyway, heard this cos the phone is on loudspeakers. I would rather die by myself than have her kill me. They don’t know I’m staying with them cos I enjoy staying with family than being at my own place. I think my life is complicated

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  1. I can’t sit here and say oh I understand what you are going through cos it’s crazy what you are going through, for you to hear your own sister use those words, you should be sent out or poisoned that breaks my heart. But you won’t die, am sorry they don’t understand you, am trying to find the right words to say but pls know you matter, you are loved, and you will get through it, 🤗 🤗

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