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there’s this couple I knew ….the guy found out she cheated 6yrs back and they’ve been together for 9yrs. he didn’t wait for her to come home…he simply called her, insulted her and also break up with her. the next day she was so furious when she went to her saloon to pick up her wig so she started venting to the hair dresser out of frustration cursing him and also how she has been there for the family yet they still didn’t like her and how she got to find out from his phone when his kid sister was telling him…all that said she had forgotten that the hairdressers family and her boyfriend’s family share a fence and they have beef….the hairdresser started spreading the news until it got to the kid sister and finally got to the elder sister and she told his parents…the parents were angry and bitter so they threatened him and gave him reasons why they wouldn’t work and also draw out so many shortcomings she had….so he said his mother has been his rock and she has always been there for him and she gave him some insights on what might happen if he continues and she’ll not attend his wedding and won’t show up if they had a child….so he ended things with her…. could they have worked out if he wants to

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